OverviewContains pipeline components for interop with services developed using AppFx.MicroServices stack
Code TypeBizTalk
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The AppFx.MicroServices component allows you to develop services using a polymprphic approach by using the MessagingService endpoint which is able to handle many different types of message.  This component is an add-on for BizTalk.  It contains 2 pipeline components:

  • MicroServicesEncoder
  • MicroServicesDecoder

These 2 pipeline components will wrap messages sent from BizTalk inside the envelope used by the AppFx.MicroServices framework.  This makes it very easy for BizTalk to consume services from any MessagingService endpoint.


Key Points to Note

  • The components are best used when combined with the JSON decoder and encoder to send messages to the messaging service using JSON body format

Source Code Releases

The below releases are available

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